Resilience Consulting

The Resilience Project staff are eager to help you make your farm, community or business more resilient.  We have helped increase resilience of farms, communities, cooperatives and businesses in over 30 countries.

If you would like an assessment of your farm or other organization, contact us at  We will evaluate your system on overall resilience and explore with you how each of the eight qualities of resilience could be improved in your system.

Our most recent consultancies are:

  1. June 2018. Resilient income generation training in Ethiopia. Harar Catholic Secretariat and Catholic Relief Services.
  2. February 2018. Strategic Plan for TEC Oldeani Farm. Tanzanian Episcopal Council and Catholic Relief Services.
  3. December 2017. Marketing for Armenian Organic Farmers.  ACDI/VOCA and OASI/Republic of Austria.
  4.  August, 2017  Brewster and Jeff Davis Counties, Texas, Resilience Assessment.
  5. August 2017. Resilience Assessment of Neshoba County, Mississippi.
  6. July 2017. Increasing resilience of Uwakichi Cooperative, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  7. April 2017. Mtadeya (Malawi) Cooperative Business Plan for Resilience.  Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs and USAID.
  8. January 2017. Resilience Assessment, Winn Parish, Louisiana.
  9. December 2016. Climate Resilient Enterprise Development Plan for Jamaica.  College of Agriculture, Science and Education, ACDI and USAID.
  10. October-November, 2016. Resilience assessments, Potter, Borden, Deaf Smith and Lubbock Counties, Texas.  USDA/SSARE.
  11. October 2016. Nguku (Kenya) Cooperative Business Plan for Resilience.  Catholic Relief Services and USAID.
  12. September 2016. Kabeza (Malawi) Cooperative Business Plan for Resilience.  Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs and USAID.
  13. March 2016. Linga Winery Marketing for Resilience.  Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs and USAID.
  14. January 2016. Resilience of California Coastal and Central Valley farms.  USDA/SARE.
  15. October 2015. Mentoring and marketing networks creating new resilient farms in the Ozark Mountains.  USDA, University of Missouri, University of Ozarks.
  16. September 2015. Validating sustainability/resilience and quality of life indices in the Southern United States. USDA and University of Georgia.
  17. August 2015. Strategic plan for resilience of Zaire Province Extension Service, M’Banza Congo, Angola. Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs.
  18. March 2015. Resilience Evaluation System for La Lucha Space, Conway, Arkansas.

Download eight evaluations of local food systems completed in 2014-2015 in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee at:

A list of a few of our other past assessment/planning/evaluation reports appears below.

Johnson, L. and J.V.Worstell, 2015.  Evaluation of Southern Agricultural Systems Resilience, USDA/SSARE, Griffin, Georgia.

Worstell, J.V., 2014. Creating a resilient local food system in Central Kentucky. Berry Center, New Castle, KY.

Worstell, J.V., 2014.  Meki, Ethiopia, Catholic Secretariat Organizational Development.  Catholic Relief Services, March-April 2014.

Worstell, J. V. 2013.  Resilient Local Food Systems.  La Lucha Space Farmers Market Promotion Program Project.  Conway, Arkansas.

Worstell, J. V. 2013.  Experiential environmental education for 1600 acre Meadowcreek facility.  Meadowcreek, Inc., Fox, Arkansas.

Worstell, J. V. 2013.  Establishing St. Joseph Farm and Education Center.  St. Joseph Center, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Worstell, J. V. 2013.  State of the South 2015 Concept Paper.  Griffin, GA: Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program.

Worstell, J. V. 2013.  Transforming maize production systems for Ugandan smallholders.  Namungalwe Area Cooperative Enterprise, Namungalwe, Uganda.

Worstell, J. V. 2013.  Village Enterprise Development in Akhaltsikhe region.  Georgian Business Development Center-Caucasia, Akhaltsikhe State University, Akhaltsikhe, Georgia.

Worstell, J. V. 2013.  Environmental amelioration and topsoil building with browsing cattle in eroded lands in Missouri.  University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri.

Worstell, J. V. 2012.  Local Rural Development Project Development and Management.  Caritas de Manica-PDP, Manica, Mozambique.

Worstell, J. V. 2012.  MACIP Strategic Plan. Academy of Economic Sciences, Chisinau, Moldova.

Worstell, J. V. 2012.  Ozark Cooperative Enterprise Network, University of Missouri.

Worstell, J. V. 2012.  Skills for Catalysts of Milk Country Cooperative.  Milkiland and Bridges, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Worstell, J. V. 2012.  Trajectories for Ukrainian Landscapes since 1990.  National Agrarian University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Worstell, J. V. 2012.  Hybrid online/Amish model for beginning farmers in Ozark food desert.  La Lucha Space and Falling Sky Farm, Marshall, Arkansas.

Worstell, J. V. 2012.  Egyptian Seedlling Greenhouse Management. West Nubaria Rural Development Project, Cairo, Egypt.

Worstell, J. V. 2012.  Food desert families becoming grower/vendors. Argenta Farmers Market and Scott Heritage Farm, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Worstell, J. V. 2012.  Product Quality Initiative for Moldovan Smallholders: Testing Laboratory and GAP Training.  USDA/Foreign Agricultural Service.

Worstell, J. V. 2011.  Villages, vertical integration, abandonment: sustainability in evolving Ukrainian Landscapes.  Pennsylvania State University.

Worstell, J. V. 2011. Creating locally-owned, value-added enterprises in rural Kenya.  MACODO, Mtiti-Andei, Kenya and CNFA, Washington, D.C.

Worstell, J. V. 2011. Greenhouse production and direct marketing training for local heritage products.  Meadowcreek, Inc., Fox, Arkansas and USDA/FMPP.

Worstell, J. V. 2011. Heirloom tomato marketing analysis. University of Arkansas-Monticello and Arkansas Department of Agriculture.

Worstell, J. V. 2011. UCCM Product Quality Initiative: testing laboratory and producer training.  Universitatea Cooperatist-Comerciala din Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova.

Worstell, J. V. 2011. Enterprise Development and Feasibility Analysis for Community-Based Organizations in rural Kenya.  MACODO, Yumbuni and Nairobi, Kenya.

Worstell, J. V. 2011. Grand Prairie Green: Rice Straw Feasibility Analysis and Business Plan.  Grand Prairie Biofuels, LLC, Stuttgart, Arkansas.

Worstell, J. V. 2011. Scattering Fork Wild Beef: Feasibility Analysis and Business Plan.  Worstell Trust, Mexico, Missouri.

Worstell, J. V. 2011. Business Planning for MOLDCOOP: Training of trainers.  Washington, D.C.: CNFA and Moldva Office, Chisinau, Moldova.

Worstell, J. V. 2010. Revitalizing Moldova’s largest private company: MOLDCOOP.  Washington, D.C.: CNFA and Moldva Office, Chisinau, Moldova.

Worstell, J.V., 2010.  Tiered, self-selecting system for economic development in Eastern Ukraine (Многоуровневая, самостоятельного выбора системы для целей экономического развития в Восточной Украине.)  Melitopol, Ukraine: Tavrian State Agro-Technological University (Таврический государственный агротехнологический университет).

Worstell, J. V. 2009. Agrostoc Cooperative Grain Warehouse Business Plan.  Washington, D.C.: CNFA and Moldva Office, Chisinau, Moldova.

Worstell, J. V. 2009.  Central Moldovan Fresh Vegetable Marketing Business Plan.  Washington, D.C.: CNFA and Moldva Office, Chisinau, Moldova.

Worstell, J.V. 2009.  Multi-Product Marketing for Meat Producers.  Oppello, Arkansas: A Whole New Approach, LLC.

Worstell, J. V. 2008.  Creating a Ukrainian Farm Bureau: Business Creation and Policy.  Washington, D.C.: CNFA and Volyn Oblast, Ukraine.

Worstell, J.V. 2008.  Petit Jean Natural Business Plan.  Morrilton, Arkansas: Petit Jean Farms, LLC.

Worstell, J.V. 2008.  Grand Prairie Biofuels Business Plan.  Pine Bluff, AR: Grand Prairie Biofuels, LLC.

Worstell, J.V. 2008.  Delta Sweet Sorghum Ethanol, Lake Village, AR: Delta Sweet Sorghum Ethanol Producers, LLC.

Worstell, J.V. 2007.  Greenhouse Production and Marketing.  Winrock International and Land O’Lakes, Dashoguz, Turkmenistan.

Worstell, J.V. 2007.  Arkansas Farmers Biofuels Business Plan.  Pine Bluff, AR: Orlicek Farms.

Worstell, J.V. 2007.  Ozark Ethnic Direct Business Plan, Morrilton, AR: Hair Sheep Market Management Group.

Worstell, J. V. 2007.  Besidka Cooperative Business Plan.  Washington, D.C.: CNFA and Mayor’s Office Besidka, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine.

Worstell, J.V., 2006.  Dairy market research and processing plant design.  Arkansas Natural Dairy Products Association.  Hattieville, Arkansas.

Worstell, J.V., 2006. Green tourism: lessons from Appalachia for Zakarpattia.   Village tourism development as form of micro-business. Rachiv, Ukraine. Euroasia Foundation.  August 2006.

Worstell, J.V., 2006.  Business Planning Workshops.  Hazda Cooperative, Kvasy, Ukraine.

Worstell, J.V., 2006.  Ethanol for the Delta.  Arkansas Farm Bureau Annual Convention March, 2007.

Worstell, J.V., 2006.  Dairy Industry in Zacarpattia, Ukraine. Mayor’s Office, Kvasy, Ukraine.  February 2006

Worstell, J.V. 2005.  Cooperative Development in Poltava Oblast, Land O’Lakes Regional Seminar, Verbkhe, Ukraine. April, 2005.

Worstell, J.V., 2005.   All-Arkansas Farmer Celebration. Arkansas Farm Community Alliance, Little Rock, Arkansas. June 2005

Worstell, J.V., 2005.  Marketing blueberry yogurt, Sulfur Springs Blueberry Farm, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Worstell, J.V., 2005.  Marketing of remote monitoring and control of irrigation.  Izon, Inc, Paragould, Arkansas.  February 2005-February 2006

Worstell, J.V., 2005.  Ozark Ethnic Direct.  Hair Sheep Market Management Group, Morrilton, Arkansas.

Worstell, J.V., 2004.  Marketing New Oil Processing Products. Planters Cotton Oil Cooperative, Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Worstell, J.V., 2004.  Vegetable Cooperatives in Ukraine, Mayor’s Office of Globina, Ukraine.

Worstell, J.V., 2004. Toward a State Department of Agriculture for Arkansas. Arkansas Farm Community Alliance Conference, Petit Jean Mountain, Arkansas.

Worstell, J.V., 2002.  Diversifying Agriculture in Arkansas.  Arkansas Farm Community Alliance Conference, Petit Jean Mountain, Arkansas.

Worstell, J.V., 2001.  Tiered, sequential, self-selecting assistance policies for poor rural areas in the U.S. International Symposium on Construction and Sustainable Development of West China, Cheng Du, Peoples Republic of China

Worstell, J.V. 2000. Facilitation of sustainable rural development.  Food First conference Havana, Cuba.

Worstell, J.V., 2000. Delta Policy Initiatives.  Delta Summit, Clarksdale, MS, March 14, 2000.

Worstell, J.V., 2000.  Motivating teams for systems facilitation.  USDA: Southern SARE, Jekyll Island, GA, January 2000

Worstell, J.V. 1999.  Entrepreneurial Agriculture.  Seminar to USDA staff.  Washington, D.C. October 1999.

Worstell, J.V. 1999.  Delta Enterprise Network. USDA Delta Compact Conference, Jonesboro, Arkansas, June 1999.

Worstell, J.V. 1998.  Marketing, policy and agroecosystems.  American Society of Agronomy, Baltimore, Maryland, October 20,1998.

Worstell, J.V. 1997. Kenaf for rural development in Arkansas. Testimony before Joint Committee on Local Government, House and Senate Committee, State of Arkansas, December 18, 1997.

Worstell, J.V. 1997. Facilitating Delta Center. Entrepreneurial Agriculture in the Northern Delta, Dyersburg, Tennessee, November 13, 1997.

Worstell, J.V. 1997. Process and skills in systems facilitation. North American Farming Systems Research and Extension Conference, Mount Hood, Oregon, November 3, 1997.

Worstell, J.V. 1997. U.S. State policies for value-added diversification.  International Agribusiness Marketing Association, Jakarta, Indonesia June 23, 1997.

Worstell, J.V. 1997. Futures for Kentucky agricultural research.  Kentucky Agricultural Advancement Council, Lexington, Kentucky, February 6, 1997.

Worstell, J.V. 1996.  Policy and research priorities: methods for consensus and synthesis.  American Society of Agronomy, Indianapolis, Indiana, November 3,1996.

Worstell, J.V. 1996. Farmer-owned new crop ventures: where do they come from? New Crops Conference, University of Queensland, Gatton, Australia July, 1996.

Worstell, J.V. 1996. Bt cotton and resistance.  USDA Symposium, Bethesda, Maryland, April 15-16, 1996.

Worstell, J.V. 1995. Beyond commodity production: government and agriculture. University of Queensland, Gatton, Australia and New South Wales Agriculture, Orange, Australia, November, 1995


Worstell, J.V. 1995. Transforming state government for increased agricultural sustainability.  Kentucky Leadership for Agricultural and Environmental Sustainability, Frankfort, Kentucky, September 19, 1995.

Worstell, J.V. 1994. Rural development and entrepreneurs in the South.  Professional Farm Workers Conference, Tuskegee University, December 3, 1994.

Worstell, J.V. 1994. Sustainable agriculture and quality of life.  Southern SARE/ACE, Atlanta, Georgia, June 24, 1994

Worstell, J.V. 1994. Rural Development and Sustainable Agriculture. Association of Agricultural Administrators (1890 Universities), Little Rock, Arkansas, June 11, 1994.

Worstell, J.V. 1994.  Industrialization of Agriculture and the Family Farm. Testimony to Joint Economic Committee, United States Congress, Published by U. S. G.P.O.

Worstell, J.V. 1993. Transforming USDA Science and Education Policy. Riley Memorial Foundation Roundtable, Washington, D.C., November 23, 1993.

Worstell, J.V. 1993. Participatory Assessment of Southern Agricultural Research and Education Opportunities. Columbus, OH: North Central SARE Administrative Council.

Worstell, J.V. 1993. Moving Southern Land Grants Toward Reform. Minneapolis, MN: Land Grant Accountability Project.

Worstell, J.V. 1993. Constraints and Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture. Baton Rouge, LA: SARE Administrative Council.

Worstell, J.V. 1992. Congressional Testimony: Sustainable Agriculture and the Family Farm. Washington, D.C.: Joint Economic Committee.

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Worstell, J.V. 1990.  Forestry NGO Networks in Nepal and Biological Soil Improvement.  CARE.

Worstell, J.V. 1990.  Soil Resource Enhancement in a Sustainable Agriculture Network in Indonesia.  Winrock International and World Vision.

Worstell, J.V. and Pruyne, E.C. 1990.  Management Capability Assessment and Feasibility Analysis for Nueva Valencia Multi‑Purpose Cooperative.  Save the Children, Philippines Field Office.

Worstell, J.V. 1990.  Participatory Outreach in Natural Resource  Management in Tunisia.  La Foundation Tunisienne pour le Developpement Communitaire.

Worstell, J.V. 1990.  Agroforestry and Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Senegal: Potential for Outreach.  Africare and Winrock International.

Nittler, J., White, A. and Worstell, J.V. 1989.  Conceptual Framework for Enhanced Save the Children Activities in Natural Resource Conservation in Central America.  Save the Children‑Latin America Region.

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van Schaik, M. and Worstell, J.V. 1989.  Legume management in Haiti: Possibilities for a future strategy.  Pan American Development Foundation.

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Worstell, J.V. 1989.  Resource Enhancement through agro‑enterprise in rural Jordan.  Save the Children.

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