When the elite hate the country they run

Dozens of poor countries I’ve worked in have leaders who hate their own country and see it only as a source of wealth for themselves. Until the last few years, I thought they were really different from our leaders in the good ole USA.

Just before covid hit, I spent a long bus ride sitting next to a very smart guy. Anything you bring up, he knows more about it than you do. Conversation gets tiresome when one person is always trying to show he’s smarter than you are. So on the way back, I made sure I had a different seat mate.

This fellow is among the elite of our country. Once Chief of Staff to a US Senator, he now has a high position in the Biden administration. Educated in the best Universities, he truly believes that Democrats are the answer. Without a trace of any other religion, he worships at the altar of the latest woke trends. He knows America is bad and deserves punishment. He supported the rioters in summer of 2020 and will support rioters again if they are needed to root out a Republican. He supports reparations and any other program which blames Anglo-Saxons for all the ills of the world.

When I once had the temerity to suggest a Republican had some good ideas, he said I can’t support an insurrectionist. I’d say that’s a pot calling the kettle black, except I’d be accused of racism. Isn’t a person devoted to destroying the foundations of America an insurrectionist?

Our problem in America today is that the real insurrectionists are dressed nicely, well-educated and run all the Universities, nearly all the media and the government. These real insurrectionists, bent on destroying the America we love, are in control of many of the levers of power.

If they finish their appointed task, America will survive in name only. A meritocratic, highly educated elite with no experience outside academia and government, will make all decisions. They know better than you do. They can’t be convinced they are wrong because they have no basic principles and can twist the facts to serve any position which gains more power for them.

They follow two truths: 1. there is no truth (so they can do whatever they want) and 2. those most adept at twisting words to meet their desires will win. They use their verbal skills to twist your brain by preying on your own weaknesses.

They can only be defeated by those who know the truth of Nature and Nature’s God, as Jefferson, the insurrectionist of the American Revolution, put it.

And until we win, we will be at peace and joyful because one of our truths is the peace and joy which come from knowing those truths.