Democrats can’t be hypocrites

It pains me to write anything negative about Democrats. I came of age in the 60s and the media was already sure that Republicans were the party of big business and anti-environment. I campaigned for McCarthy and McGovern and skipped school on the Moratorium against the Vietnam war.

Fidel Castro and Biden’s friend George McGovern presage Biden’s ice cream photo ops.

I was elected the youngest ever Democratic committeeman of the Audrain County (Missouri) Democratic Party and went to the county convention to be elected a McGovern delegate in 1972. After the miserable failure of that campaign, I took a long hiatus from politics.

Nowadays I know lots of Democrats, but they are soooo different from those I knew in my youth. Today’s Democrats have a strange relationship with moral principles. They condemn behavior of Republicans but overlook it in Democrats. They have strong opinions about “welfare to work” and “don’t ask don’t tell” until they change and support welfare without work and acceptance of radical LGBTQ+ ideas about gender transition in 4 year-olds.

Democrats still have a lot more concern for the environment than most Republicans and I work with them on those issues, so I probably am cutting off my nose to spite my face here. To mitigate that a bit, I’ll note that many Republicans also have no core beliefs except that their party should be in power.

But my point here is not really to denigrate Democrats, but just to point out that Democrats can’t be hypocrites on subjects for which they have no core beliefs. A hypocrite is someone who acts in a way that goes against what he claims to believe. Democrats today have no solid beliefs, but change them according to whatever will gain power. They don’t believe in anything except power. They actively suppress criticism of Joe and Hunter Biden for actions that would be vociferously and scornful condemned in the Donald Trumps. What they believe in is power for their party.

If your main belief is in power for your party, then criticizing Donald Trump, Jr., for agreeing to a meeting with a Russian is wholly consistent with overlooking Hunter Biden selling his father’s influence to the Chinese, the Ukrainians, the Mexicans, the Russians and who knows who else.

Now if they ever criticize Biden for something, such as the surrender in Afghanistan, then they would be hypocrites. And other Democrats would decry them. Because that would be inconsistent with the basic belief of Democrats: the power of the party must be increased.

Of course it is possible that some Democrats are waking from their slavish devotion to party as they see the ruin the Party is bringing to Afghanistan. Or maybe the chaos on the Southern border, inflation or critical race theory will wake them up.

A similar transition began in the 1960s as working class folk reacted to riots in the cities and the Vietnam war and began realizing the Democrats were not a party of consistent with their principles. The result was the triumph of Nixon and Reagan and Bush I and control of the House and Senate for decades.

However, there are a few true believers hidden among the Democrats. Many of my college friends from the 70s became college professors and decry anything American. They have never outgrown their love of Fidel and Soviet Russia and socialism. Yet of all the beliefs espoused by the Democrats of the 70s, the only one which lasts is anti-Americanism. All the others have morphed beyond recognition. They will continue to change because the party has no core beliefs except that it should be in power.

As long as they are consistent in pursuit of power at any cost, the Democrats can not be accused of hypocrisy.

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