Freedom through excommunication

Being banished can be a good thing. If the group banishing you is heading into eternal hellfire. And even if they aren’t quite that bad.

Recently a very close friend was banished by a national advocacy group which he helped found and served in various leadership positions for nearly 30 years. The group has become fully woke and gone from serving farmers and rural communities to serving the woke ideology. Banning fertilizer and taking land from white farmers are now among their goals. They begin meetings by recognizing the native tribes who once inhabited the lands we now live on. Neglecting to mention the native tribes who owned the land before being massacred by the tribe the liberal elite now kow-tows to.

He’s relieved to be kicked out of this group. As the group moved toward woke, his perspective had long been denied validity, other founders left, and he was increasingly isolated. He should have resigned much earlier, but the group had been so effective and productive for so many years. Somehow, he couldn’t just leave a group he’d devoted decades to.

Only after they banished me did he realize how constrained he had been. He was the frog in the pot of water on a hot fire. The water was getting hotter and hotter, but he stayed. Until finally the other frogs threw him out because he wasn’t praising the water temperature enough.

It reminds me of how I used to be a Democrat. And a McGovern Democrat at that. George McGovern was the one who gave Richard Nixon a landslide win in 1972. Today McGovern’s positions are almost mainstream Republican. I have friends who have remained Democrats. It’s amazing how their strong beliefs are now the opposite of their strong beliefs thirty years ago. Today’s Democrats are the Autocrats of Anarchism. They support antifa and suppression of free speech. They spend like drunken sailors and call a reckless and wasteful spending bill the Inflation Reduction Act.

The purging group used to be nonpartisan but now follows the Democrats like blind sheep. It loves the huge expenditures in the IRA, especially those labelled climate initiatives. Now he’s free. He can castigate inflation-inducing spending. He can even express doubt about wind and solar farms and most of the climate change dogma.

It’s amazing how you can stop yourself from thinking when the group you belong to allows thought only on tactics not on basic principles.

Luckily some of his less-than-woke opinions bubbled out uncontrollably and got him kicked out.

The ones which caused the most trouble were on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion or DEI. It began when he first realized DEI could easily become DIE and that DEI is a sure recipe for the death of organizations and nations. The ecological literature is replete with examples where Diversity undermines ecological resilience. Rabbits were introduced into Australia to increase wildlife diversity and caused wholesale destruction of ecoysystems. Kudzu was introduced into the United States to increase forage diversity and literally smothered entire ecosystems. Likewise, DEI is destroying businesses, institutions and nations. When a diverse workforce is more important than a competent and excellent workforce, the organization is killing itself.

He’d quit attending the mandatory anti-white “diversity” trainings at every meeting of the organization and that was bad enough. But then he posted blogs about When diversity, equity and inclusion become DIE and followed it with Universities DIE on the altar of equity. Some diversity sleuth discovered them and he was banished. Diversity of thought is not permitted in the current diversity dogma.

You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned the name of the organization. No need to. It will die soon enough. All non-resilient systems do.

Sure nice of them to set others free on their way down.