Make America Joyful Again

MAJA is better than MAGA.  I don’t dislike “Make America Great Again” even though they teach in college that it is racist.  That’s bunk and part of the plan of pseudo-anarchists to destroy America. But save that for another day.

Today I am offering “Make America Joyful Again” because I love resilience. Ecologists and psychologists long explored why some individuals survive and thrive. One answer is joy.

Joy starts when you are really young. A couple of days ago I saw this little Kyrgyz girl on the side of the road just joyfully smiling and waving at our passing car. When was the last time you saw an American just joyfully waving and smiling at a stranger passing by?

Maybe at a parade? Or after a wedding? It almost takes a special occasion to generate joy in most of us. But joy is one of the keys to long life.

When was the last time America was joyful? Maybe in the 60s when we landed a man on the moon? Sure be nice if a joyful time could come again. It will take a lot to make our nation is joyful again, but it’s easier to bring joy into our own lives.

You can find joy anywhere. Even when you mess something up or make a mistake, you can laugh at yourself. Just try it. When you mess up, laugh at yourself. It does wonders.

Let’s be as joyful as that little Kyrgyz girl high in the mountains.

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