Easter traditions: whipping and splashing girls

Whipping girls and dunking them in water are beloved Easter traditions in Ukraine, Russia, Czechia, Slovakia and nearby countries. This week was Easter Monday in Orthodox areas. In Ukraine, Czechia and Slovakia boys and men were whipping girls and women with the willow branches. It makes them prettier, younger, and more fertile (which is why the whip is known as “pomlázka”, a kind of “rejuvenator”).

In addition to the whippings, girls also get picked up and thrown in the river. Or, perhaps just splashed with a cup or bucket of water if no river is readily accessible.

Girls and women thank the boys and men for the bruises by giving them candy, decorated eggs or at least a glass of vodka. Some Americans could find it politically incorrect for men to periodically beat women – or for women to thank men for those occasional bruises or unexpected dunking.

How Americans and other foreigners react to the tradition may be seen in the following almost authentic entertaining video.

How foreigners react to Easter whip – Stream.cz • Internetová televize, seriály online zdarma a videa

Girls who do not get whipped or splashed know that the boys don’t like them, so all girls want to get whipped and splashed. And reward the boys for doing it.