Snakes make the best snake hunters

Nobody likes snakes. Just like nobody likes politicians. But sometimes they are useful.  Like when they are killing other snakes.


A few days ago, I almost stepped on a copperhead when I was cleaning some weeds next to our picture window.  Copperheads and water moccasins have to go when they are close to the house.  So I got a shovel and cut the head off that beautiful copperhead.  No matter how beautiful, it had to go.  I left the body in a brush pile.

When I got back inside I looked out the window toward that brushpile only to see a king snake rearing up looking at the brush pile and then hurrying over to it.  Probably to have a nice meal.  Sorry I deprived it of its kill.

King snakes are the only snakes I let live around our house.  They hunt down and eat all poisonous snakes.  Having them around means that we don’t run into many poisonous snakes. You don’t have to like them to know they are good to have around.

Some people vote for politicians because they like them.  They could see having a beer with them. She’s friendly and approachable.  They are voting for pet rabbits when maybe they should be voting for snakes.

Or they vote for someone who can speak well. Someone who is clean cut, presentable and seems highly intelligent.  They are voting for a valedictorian when maybe they should be voting for a snake.

In a world filled with snakes, the best politicians are king snakes. They hunt down and destroy other politicians who would do us harm.

So if you know a politician who seems like a snake, ask whether he is doing a good job getting rid of other snakes.  In 2019 in the US, you might be glad our snake is getting rid of snakes like ISIS and neutralizing others in Asia and finally standing up to the biggest threat of them all–China.  Naive, well-meaning Presidents have given these snakes a pretty free range in previous administrations.

That doesn’t mean you will ever like that particular politician, just as you’ll never like snakes. But you can recognize the the best snake killer is another snake.

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