Nature and family transformed at Scattering Fork

A people fighting with themselves and with Nature will not endure.  Members of a family, nation or organization must help each other, cooperate and work together or they will fall apart. They pass away unlamented. We only lament the damage they cause to themselves and their ecosystems.  We applaud diversity, but diversity only helps a living system when all members work toward the survival and success of the larger system. For more than twenty-five years, Scattering Fork Outdoor Center has made a valiant effort to help people unite in teams and appreciate Nature.  Scattering Fork has transformed thousands and is now transforming itself.

phoebe earth

Team-building is one of those terms which mean a lot to those big into it. And not much to anyone else.  Just as Scattering Fork means a lot to many people in Central Missouri, but not much to people in northern Tanzania.  And those interested in both team-building and Scattering Fork are among the few, the elect, the chosen.

A few of that elect gathered yesterday to perform a decommissioning ceremony for the ropes course at Scattering Fork. For 25 years, Scattering Fork has been the region’s premier high and low ropes course, as well as a center for bringing people back to Nature.  Yesterday’s focus was the equipment at 16 stations which had helped thousands of people build productive, cohesive teams. Cables were cut, ropes untied, bolts loosed and beams cut.  Today the 16 stations are no more, but the team-building continues.

Outdoor team-building is provided by hundreds of enterprises because every successful group needs to build trust and cohesiveness among their members. A variety of structures and equipment helped facilitators build trust and team work at Scattering Fork. Due to ever rising insurance costs, Scattering Fork has decommissioned and demolished these facilities. But many exercises to build cohesive teams and families remain available at Scattering Fork.

Meanwhile opportunities to experience the natural world have expanded at Scattering Fork.  Every month, SF offers opportunities for you, your family or any group to experience the wonders of nature in your own private wilderness.  This wilderness is easy to get to and ready for you to enjoy.  Just call Laura at 573-581-3003.  Lead team-building facilitator MaryJane will soon be leaving on a year-long round the world trip.  But she’ll be back.

And you’ll come back to Scattering Fork, too, once you have experienced the joys of discovering Nature and working as a team.

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