Forest garden: order tree seedlings now

Resilience agricultural systems always include trees and other perennials.

If you want to be resilient, you have to have perennials in at least part of your system.

The reasons are many and we won’t try to convince you now, but if you already know its true, then you need to start planning to incorporate perennials in your system.

witch-hazel-999520_960_720At Meadowcreek, the Resilience project is enhancing the existing forest to create what some call a food forest.  We already have lots of paw paws and such scattered through the woods, but we have a designated area where we are planting all the species we like best.

Good quality seedlings are required to make our food forest a reality.  We do not dig up wild plants to transplant.  Instead we have found a great source of tree seedlings not far from us.

The Missouri Department of Conservation has a nursery at Licking, Missouri where they grow hundreds of wild species native to the Ozarks.

We order from them every year.  Last year we got persimmon and witch hazel and Osage orange.  It’s a nice drive from Arkansas to pick them up in the Spring.  They are always high quality and dirt cheap.

Check out their website and catalog.  You can order online.

Here’s the link to the catalog:

Order soon because they do run out of certain species early–especially paw paw.

Then start planning where you want to plant them.

If you don’t prepare the site ahead of time, you’ll probably get low survival.

You’ll also need to water them the first year to make sure they do well, especially with the droughty months which seem to come all too often these days.

For tips on planting a food forest or forest garden for resilience, see Chapter 4  of our book, available free online at:

Especially applicable for the perennial seedlings you will plant this coming Spring is the section on forest gardens starting on page 74.  We like the seven layer method to maximize productivity.

So order your seedlings now from a reputable source, plan where you will put them, and happy forest gardening.


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