Advice for the next President

America will have a new President in a few months.  What should that President do about food and the environment?  Resilience project staff will be deciding just that at a national meeting of sustainable agriculture organizations in Maine in August.

We’d like to bring along your ideas to the meeting.  So tell us what you think the President should do.  Make a comment here or send us an email ( or call us at the Resilience House (870-363-4711) or come by Meadowcreek anytime if you want a long policy discussion.

And share this with your friends, so we get even more ideas.

Specifically, we are looking for input in three areas:

  1. First Hundred Days:  Changes the new President can make immediately without any further act of Congress (no new laws, no new money).  We are looking for low hanging fruit with a big bang for the buck.  These recommendations should send a strong message about how the new President will work hard to create a resilient food system, resilient communities, a resilient nation.
  2. Immediate Budget Requests:  The outgoing Obama administration will have produced a draft budget, but that budget will go through major editing by the new administration.  This is an immediate, must-do task for the new President.
  3. Input for Administration’s Farm Bill Proposals.  Not quite as urgent as the first 100 days administrative actions or the immediate budget request actions are recommendations for the 2018 Farm Bill. If a new Administration hopes to have any input going into the farm bill debate, it will need to have its proposals on the table by late 2017 or early 2018, meaning that they have months and not years to get up to speed and be prepared.

If you’ve followed our work over the last few years, you probably have guessed the Resilience project will focus on recommendations to help farmers help the planet by creating better soils by pulling carbon from the atmosphere.

However, in August in Maine, we’ll be developing recommendations on all sorts of topics, including:

  • New and Minority Farmers
  • Good Food (local, regional, food access, organic, product labeling, etc.)
  • Conservation and Environmental Stewardship
  • Farm Safety Net Reform
  • Food Safety
  • Fair Competition and Contract Reform
  • Agricultural Research
  • Immigration Reform

So send us your ideas on any policy changes in anything which impinges on rural America and the food and environment of all Americans.

Looking forward to hearing from you.