Are the spiritual more resilient?

It’s a beautiful morning at the Delta outpost. Waning moon is lighting up the fields from Crockett’s Bluff to Stuttgart.  By this time (6 am) tomorrow, we will be at Easter sunrise services.  It’s nice to be Christian this time of year.  So many services, so many inspiring sermons, so many enchanting hymns.  Yet many of my friends hardly even know its Easter.  Some have already celebrated the Spring Equinox.  Others are Russian Orthodox and celebrate this year on May 1, according to the calendar of Julius Ceasar rather than Pope Gregory’s 1582 revision.7382834702_e49d11312e_b

The religious, whether Christian or not, are healthier, happier and live longer than the irreligious. Joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness are all more prevalent in the religious.  Just google religion, health and happiness if you don’t believe me.

Some of my friends just don’t believe in much of anything, except that Christianity is bunk. Sometimes they get so angry.  They get angrier at Christians than they do at white privilege.  And that’s saying a lot.  I wish they wouldn’t get so angry.  It’s no good for their blood pressure.

The religious aren’t very smart, according to those who have spent a lot of time in schools.  They believe a lot of hocus-pocus about bread and wine and dying for the salvation of others, they say.  And they are right.  You do have to suspend your intellect a little to believe the myths that seem to attach themselves to any religion.  But is that bad?  Why not just trust your instincts?  Isn’t it good to just quit thinking sometimes?

The trouble is that when you quit thinking and just believe in what some preacher tells you.  Then you are lost, as many are.  You can’t believe that any person has all the answers or you will be disappointed.  Just as you can’t believe that any political party has all the answers or any economic system has all the answers or any theory of resilience has all the answers.

Some of us are lucky.  We have experienced so much synchronicity, so many unexplainable happenings in our life.  So much joy and relief and new life on hearing simple hymns.  So much inspiration from so many good, simple, country people.

The term synchronicity was coined by Carl Jung to describe acausal connection of two or more psychological and physical phenomena. He had a client who was hyper-intellectual.  She insisted on coming up with logical, rational explanations for everything.  One night, the patient dreamt about a golden scarab – Cetonia aurata. The next day, while telling the dream to Jung, a real insect hit against a window of the room they were in.  Jung caught it and discovered surprisingly that it was a golden scarab; a very rare presence in Vienna, Austria.  The connection between the scarab dreamt by the patient and its appearance in reality while she was recounting the dream is synchronicity.

I’ve had so many of those experiences that I can’t remember them all.  Whenever I recount one to one of my nonbeliever friends, they either try to come up with an simple cause-effect explanation or discount it as chance or selective memory.

That’s OK.  I’m not going to get upset that they are so blind to the reality beyond logical explanation.  I don’t understand why some devout get so apoplectic about folks who won’t convert to their religion–whether that religion is Islam or Calvinism or atheism.

Just chill out, folks.  Go out and enjoy this beautiful Spring day.



4 thoughts on “Are the spiritual more resilient?

    • Thank you Brother, hope your Eshtar was as fun as ours. How are your boys? I can’t wait to see them again. Maybe I’ll get another excuse to come to Santa Fe soon. If not, I hope you can come to Arkansas.


      • Thanks Jimmy Vard! I will make my way through Arkansas probably in the fall as Need a trip back to my roots in Missouri and I would love to see your Resilent life style there. The boys are big now. Ben is about 6 ft 2 inches and Gabe is a Freshman in High school and loves his drama class.
        Everyone is well and healthy. I love reading your blog by the way!


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