Skin, soil and the Meadowcreek spa experience

White skin may confer benefits in some places, but white, easily-freckled skin is not exactly adapted to the Arkansas sun.  The thin layer of skin on our bodies is much like the thin layer of soil covering our planet.  Nearly all life on the planet depends on this thin layer of soil.  Your own life depends on the health of your skin. spa2Some skin is healthy and self-renewing, just as some soil is healthy and self-renewing.  Most skin and most soils require help to reach optimal health.   Skin needs some amendments. just as clay needs amendments to become good soil. Human skin, being relatively hairless, is also prone to insect bites. The combination of sunburn and tick/chigger bites can make anyone reconsider a career in organic farming.

At Meadowcreek, the solution for your skin is the same material you work with in the garden: clay soil.  Much of our job at Meadowcreek is building soil.  We stop erosion and turn clay into soil by adding biochar, beneficial soil organisms, and organic matter.  We eliminate sunburn and chigger bites with the same clay soil we are working with every day.

Urban people often say they want to come to Meadowcreek to get their hands in the soil.  When they work here for awhile, they find out the clay soil is good for other parts of their body.

Rich city women go to spas where clay is applied to their faces and allowed to dry. They know the rich mineral content of clay feeds and rejuvenates the skin.  City life exposes skin to dry indoor air and  air pollutants outdoors.  A healthy infusion of minerals from clay helps nourish the skin abused by city life.

As one toney spa puts it:As the clay masque dries on your face and neck, you can feel the skin tighten. By this simple process, your skin is being actively cleansed and toned by the drying clay. After the facial, wrinkles will lessen in appearance and your skin will feel firmer and more supple. With regular use, the effects can be remarkable.   The fine powders of facial clays cause a mild exfoliation effect which removes dead cells, encourages new cell growth, and leaves skin looking smooth, radiant and young. The clays also help stimulate circulation, which leads to naturally healthy, more self-regulating skin.  Clays have what is described as a ‘drawing’ effect. When you use a clay masque, it draws toxins and dirt from within your pores as the masque dries on your skin. Pores are deep cleansed and become more refined in appearance.”

We find the clay also protects the skin from the sun and from insects.  Some spas mostly apply the clay just to ladies’ faces.  The Meadowcreek Spa recommends applying clay to all exposed skin.  If it’s good for your skin, why let only your face have the benefits?  Even if you want to wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt you can at least help your wrists and ankles.

So just apply some clay to the exposed skin and go to work. You’ll be protected from sunburn and insects while rejuvenating your skin as you get exercise.

The best spas have discovered organic matter, just as the best gardeners have discovered organic matter.  Spas mix dried seaweed with clay and apply to the skin.

We go one step further.  We think living organic matter is even better for the skin.

It’s certainly true for soil.  Soil devoid of living organisms produces little without expensive fertilizer inputs.  Korean Natural Farming has made us aware of the importance of indigenous microorganisms or IMOs (bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa).  KNF devotees believe hat IMOs can produce fertile soils that yield high output without the use of herbicides or pesticides.  They extract the microorganisms from beneath old growth trees.  We contend that wherever you have good soil on your property, you have the indigenous microorganisms needed by your not-so-productive soils.  Use your good soil to inoculate your poorer soils.

Your skin is also inhabited by many microorganisms.  Healthy skin has many more microorganisms than dry skin washed too often with too much soap.  If you are like most people, you don’t even want to know the number and variety of microorganisms  which inhabit your body.

Most of us have learned that the living organisms in yogurt are good for us.  Few realize the value of beneficial organisms to skin health.  Unfortunately, unhealthy city skin has lost many of the beneficial symbiotic organisms.  Luckily they are present in healthy soils.

One study of skin microorganisms found a bacteria on one healthy man which had only previously been found in Japanese soil.  And he had never been to Japan.

We are only beginning to understand the living organisms which live in symbiosis on our skins.  Some day, with enough research investment, we may be able to isolate the best microorganisms and apply then in spas with clay and seaweed.

Until then, just get some good soil on your skin now and then.  If you don’t believe it helps, just compare the skin of a person who gardens with one who stays indoors all day.

Now don’t get us wrong.  We like hats with wide brims in the garden and we make sure to get long soaks in spring fed pools after a day of working in the garden.  We like to get in the soil and we like to get clean afterward.

And some at Meadowcreek still use sunscreen and insect repellents.  But they are gradually being won over.

Come to Meadowcreek for your beauty treatments while working in our gardens.  You  don’t pay the Meadowcreek spa, the spa pays you.  In healthier skin, good food and pleasant community.

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