Mushrooms and Meadowcreek, July 2015

Summer has been delightfully wet at Meadowcreek this year.  Delightful because wet means mushrooms.  Meadowcreek is a favorite destination for mycologists–those who love the fungi we love to eat.  Every year we find new species at Meadowcreek.  This year’s favorite so far is the indigo milky mushroom.  When I sawDSCN9772 the first one, I thought it was some bright blue wrapping  paper, but its was Lactarius indigo.  Barely touching the gills, i released a blue dye which stained my hands.  What a find!  We can’t wait for the regional mycological society to make their annual visit to Meadowcreek and see what the experts will discover.

The rainy weather doesn’t stop us from enjoying Meadowcreek’s Blue Hole for swimming.  Yesterday the spring fed water was so perfect after a hot day.  The water is so clear you can see at least 10 foot down.  The foot long bass swimming below us might like to be a little better hidden, but we enjoy watching them swim DSCN9771around us.

When the rain started, the Blue Hole erupted with spikes rising off the pool where the raindrops hit.  We wanted to capture the images in a painting or a picture for you, but instead we just enjoyed it.  You’ll have to come out and see it yourself some time.

That’s our other task on these rainy days, fixing up our houses for guests.  In addition to our twenty person dorm, we have four houses we are fixing up for future guests.  Sometimes we are selfish and want to keep Meadowcreek for ourselves, but we really need to share it with people who want to escape the city for a weekend or a week of communion with nature.

We’re also getting the Resilience House spic and span for new interns and research assistants.  If you’ve always wanted to live in a passive solar house in a pristine mountain valley and learn about ecological resilience, you might want to apply.  We still have room for a couple more people this fall and winter.